Socialization of Counterfeit Partner Impact on Branch

28 Sep 2018

On Saturday (21/07), Berenice Da Gama Rose, the representative of the Head Office and accompanied by branch and regional leaders, visited several groups of clients in Wonogiri and Sragen branches. There, a socialization on the effects of paying the installments on time and not paying the installments on time was given to the clients. One of the most significant impacts of not paying the installment on time is being blacklisted by Bank Indonesia. Blacklisted clients can not apply for loans, open accounts or work in banks or other financial companies. Not only these clients, all the families listed in the Family Card will also be affected and listed in the Bank Indonesia blacklist. Due to this reason, Bina Artha officers always remind their partners to be ”Mitra HEBAT” (Present on time, pay the right amount, and bear joint responsibility) . 

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